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Get commercial heating services when you want it, where you want it with Tri City heating and air.

Comfort is now a feeling you can associate with your home and office or workspace. Cozy office spaces that recreate the homely feeling keep your employees and customers happy. Temperature inconsistencies can affect employee performance. Not only this, the quality of indoor air also impacts their health.

The right commercial heating systems help tackle these issues. That, coupled with the best installation services from Tri City Heating and Air can be a great boom for your business.

We service businesses of all sizes

Tri-City is equipped to install, monitor and maintain commercial heating solutions across properties of all sizes.

We service businesses of all types too. Whether you own a retail center or car dealership, our experts can design a custom heating or cooling solution for your commercial space. We can also offer custom service plans for you. Our engineers survey your facility and work with you to design solutions that meet your needs and budget.

Multiple solutions in one place, right here

We provide a comprehensive range of services under a single roof. These include installing new commercial heating solutions. We also help upgrade an existing heating system to match the requirements of a fast-expanding business.

Post-installation maintenance services keep the heating equipment operating in top condition. You can request a one-time maintenance or sign up for a regular plan that increases the efficiency and prolongs the life of the system.

We offer heating system repair services too. In the event of a malfunctioning or underperforming system, our experts can assist with diagnosing and resolving the problem immediately. A timely response ensures minimum downtime and uninterrupted services for your business.

Services at Tri City Heating and Air also include consultancy services; we provide expert advice to help you choose the best.

We are an environmentally conscious brand

Tri City Heating and Air make use of the latest technologies and innovative designs in commercial heating. Our solutions are efficient and sustainable. We make use of green practices that render your brand environment friendly.

As a business, your overhead expenses are a constant worry. Our commercial heating solutions are cost-effective in terms of both the upfront charges as well as running costs. You do not have to worry about paying exorbitant energy bills at the end of the month.

Work with a Specialist

We’ve earned a reputation as a leading provider of commercial and industrial heating in the Tri-Cities. The key areas we cover include Kennewick, Pasco and Richland.

Tri City Air and Heating brings to the table a wide-ranging experience of over 30 years. Our work portfolio includes heating, air conditioning, and air purification and filtration projects completed to the highest quality. The team handling the operations on our end are professionally qualified.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer satisfaction and high-quality standard, tailored services. The customer support staff is available 24/7 to provide any assistance irrespective of the time of day.

Need to retrofit a new heating system to your business, factory, or office? Give us a call today! Our team will schedule a visit for you.


Whether you’re looking to keep your employees productive, patients comfortable or heat-sensitive material at an optimal temperature, our commercial heating products and services get the job done—maximizing savings and uptime for your business. Tri-City Heating & Air offers a wide variety of high-efficiency HVAC products to keep your business comfortable.

Need to retrofit a new heating system to your business, factory, or office? Give us a call today! Our team will schedule a visit for you.


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